Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring rains!

Rosalia loves to chew on ice, wherever she can get it.
Trying to get Rosalia to "dance" with him.

Ready for the rain.... our little lady bug!

Rain boots on and a water puddle nearby ... what else can you ask for!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hope your are all enjoying spring time. We have been outside more and love being able to take more walks. Joshua is riding his bike with training wheels and Rosalia is on his old tricycle. She will turn "2" on May 10th. What a big girl!!! Remembering celebrating her first birthday in Antigua last year (wow!) She is talking almost non-stop..... such a fun stage with learning new words and skills everyday!! They have also been helping Daddy plant a garden this spring. We will wait and see what kind of harvest we reap.
Happy Mother's day to all you Moms!!! What a blessing it was to meet so many wonderful moms while in Guatemala.
Blessings, Linda

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Rosalia!