Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring rains!

Rosalia loves to chew on ice, wherever she can get it.
Trying to get Rosalia to "dance" with him.

Ready for the rain.... our little lady bug!

Rain boots on and a water puddle nearby ... what else can you ask for!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hope your are all enjoying spring time. We have been outside more and love being able to take more walks. Joshua is riding his bike with training wheels and Rosalia is on his old tricycle. She will turn "2" on May 10th. What a big girl!!! Remembering celebrating her first birthday in Antigua last year (wow!) She is talking almost non-stop..... such a fun stage with learning new words and skills everyday!! They have also been helping Daddy plant a garden this spring. We will wait and see what kind of harvest we reap.
Happy Mother's day to all you Moms!!! What a blessing it was to meet so many wonderful moms while in Guatemala.
Blessings, Linda

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yeah for Spring!

Valentines Day Party at daycare.
Gotta love those glasses!

Hanging out on a haystack.

Love my crayons!!

St. Patricks Day Parade -- GO JAYHAWKS!!

Me and my teddy

Time just seems to be flying. I have had a lot of reminiscing this month since I left on March 10th one year ago to foster Rosalia in Antigua. Definitely didn't realize we would be there as long as we were, but what a very special time it was. I love to look back at pictures of friends and places. Rosalia continues to add more words and noises every week. This is such a fun time listening to her babble away. Joshua is loving his sister even when we have battles over toys. Spring is officially here and Tony has started the garden. The kids and us are loving being able to be outside more.
Miss all our Guatemala friends.... blessings to all.
Love, Linda, Tony, Joshua and Rosalia

Monday, January 19, 2009

Been too long!

Memory lane---- Rosalia last January on our first visit with her
Daycare trick-or-treat.
What a Santa!! Joshua really enjoyed Christmas this year!

The family all together!!

Pop goes the weasel

Trying to put up the Christmas decorations... neat manger Dad!

Rosalia's baptism - Jan. 4th

Rosalia loves to be outside

No matter what kind of weather!

Sledding with "Dado" and bubba

Her favorite hiding place-under the kitchen island.

It has been way too long since I posted. Above are some pictures over the last few months. It has been so busy. I am back at work 3 days a week. We were all sick around Christmas, but had a great time seeing all our family. Rosalia is just blooming with her speech and learning how to run like a toddler. Tony's name is "dado" and my name is now "ommy." It was ma-ma in Antigua, but has now changed... trying to imitate Joshua who calls me "mommy." Meal time is always a mess when we get done, but she is a good eater. She is getting better with the spoon and fork, but mom can't wait for the days when we don't have to sweep and mop after every meal!! She loves to play hide-and-seek with Joshua and imitate the things he says. She is learning to use her little grin to get what she wants!! She is also showing some of her "drama"side when she isn't happy... yikes!!

It was a year ago last week that we were visiting Rosalia for the first time in Guatemala.... what a difference a year makes. She has made such progress it amazes us!

Miss seeing a lot of our friends from Guatemala, but are so happy to see other families settling in at home. We pray that all the families that are still trying to get there children home are able to finish soon. God bless us all in 2009!

(I will try and update more frequently!)
Tony, Linda, Joshua and Rosalia

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We are Home- getting adjusted!

On U.S. soil- what a wonderful feeling!!

Dressed up for "Boo at the Zoo"

This is how the lions "rooaaarr"

Celebrating Grandma Grace's birthday.

Grandma Marcie, Mom and me!!

Me and Uncle Dean!!

First haircut from Aunt Mary along with the paparazzi!!!

Playing in the backyard with my big brother.

Sorry it has taken 3 weeks to post, but have been a little busy.

We made it home after a lonnnggg trip Saturday. Rosalia stayed up looking everywhere on our two plane rides and even in the car home at midnight she was wide-eyed. We were greeted with wonderful signs and goodies to welcome us home from family and friends along with a clean house!! (thanks Mary) Rosalia woke up the next morning with a fever and had that along with diarrhea for a few days. She is back to normal now though, has a few more teeth coming in and trying to keep up with Joshua. Making more sounds and has got her appetite back after not having one for a few weeks after getting home.

Tony and I have had a steep learning curve with keeping up with 2 toddlers! Joshua has had a harder transition and I am trying to give him some more "mommy time". He seems to love his little sister though and we have been able to have most of the family meet Rosalia. Made it to South Dakota for a surprise 75th birthday party for Tony's mom - had a great time!

I was stunned by all the STUFF we have in our house, closets and garage. We have been doing some major house cleaning/organizing when time allows... which never seems to be enough. Guess we better get used to that!!
Hope to post new pictures of family life at the Wolf house intermittently.
God bless all.
Love-- Tony, Linda, Joshua and Rosalia

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Embassy appointment done....we are heading HOME!!!

Daddy treated us to a horse drawn carriage ride the night before we left for the city.
Playing in the backyard.

Spotting a caterpillar.

Playing baseball at the hotel.

All dressed up for the embassy!

We're done!!
Got to have matching shirts for the zoo!

That's us standing in front of the zoo.

Joshua's favorite was the hippo!!
Love those stairs!!

We made it through the embassy appointment. It was a little crazy in the waiting room with all the families and kids, but we were done in about 3 hours. Tony and Joshua walked back to the embassy this afternoon and picked up our packet and Rosalia's passport with a U.S. visa- YEAH!
We got back to Antigua tonight a little later than expected... the highway between the city and Antigua had a landslide so there was only one lane going each way.
We enjoyed the morning at the zoo in Guatemala City along with another couple we met at the hotel. Tomorrow is going to be crazy with packing, getting last minute things done and saying goodbye to friends. We will leave Antigua at 9am Saturday and our flight leaves at noon. We have a several hour layover in Houston so we won't be home till about 10pm that night. Looking forward to getting settled again at HOME and seeing family and friends, along with letting you FINALLY meet Rosalia. She is already getting independent, loves to watch her brother and can't stop smiling at Daddy who keeps her entertained!!
We love you all... thanks to everyone for ALL your support, thoughts and prayers.
Tony, Linda, Joshua and Rosalia

Monday, September 29, 2008

Reaquainted in Guatemala

Looking over San Antonio below.

The outside of a rural house.
Farm area with cornstalk fence.
Macadamia nut plantation.

Tony getting a "free facial" with macadamia cream.

Tour guide with Linda and the kids (school to the left) heading toward a jade factory.
Worker describing the process of making jade jewelry.

In front of Santa Maria's (village) laundry washing area.

Is it time to go home yet???

Mom says it never rains here??

And she ain't saying Shoot!!!

Joshua's idea of a tuc-tuc ride home in the rain was the best idea all day!!

Touring "La Recoleccion Church" destroyed in earthquake of 1772.

If only I would have been here 300 years ago??

I'm King of the World!!!

Just cruzin the streets.
In front of the apartment.

That face says it all!
We will be heading into Guatemala City tomorrow for our embassy appointment on Wednesday!